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I am the author of Libromancy, which one day, God willing, will be published.

Libromancy is the story of Cassie Clarke, a teenage girl much like any other, though perhaps a bit more bookish than average. At the age of seventeen, she is selected to attend a progressive school for young ladies who want to become writers, under Headmistress Mrs Pershing, who herself is a well-known author. Cassie is very excited, but her feelings quickly change when strange things start happening. Girls vanish, flowers bloom in winter, the moon rises full three times in one month and not at all the next, and Cassie is no longer receiving letters from home. And then there's the question of who or what lives in the cellar under the school.

The story is written in the first and third person from Cassie's point of view, including diary entries as well as narrative. The story itself will be posted in Cassie's own journal, crazy4books. Entries will be friendlocked, so add her if you want to read her story. My journal will be use for promotion of the story as well as serving as a place for me to post about my progress with getting published and for complaining about the characters when they are uncooperative, and rejoicing when the writing goes well.

I hope you will enjoy this story. If you do, tell someone about it! Word of mouth is my best friend. Feel free to friend either one of these journals, though I warn you I am rather selective about who reads this one.