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I am sorry that I have not been posting here or in Cassie's journal (crazy4books), but that does not mean I have not been working on the story. I've been over my notes again for both volumes of Libromancy, and I am working on the logistics of the story and on fleshing out some of the secondary characters. No actual writing has been done, but progress has been made all the same. Do not despair!

I am still alive

I am so very sorry. I started this journal in good faith, hoping that it would get me working on some original fiction, but obviously that has not happened yet. Right around the time I began this journal, a young wizard named Harry Potter ate my life. It was an entirely enjoyable experience, but I really do need to devote time to my own stories and characters. Please don't give up on me.

Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market

I am now the proud owner of a copy of the Children's Writer's & Illustrator's Market. Tomorrow I will buy a highlighter (or several) and start going over it for ideas. Hopefully it will be able to tell me something useful both for Libromancy and for The Girl Who Traded Places With the Moon. The former can probably be classified as a Young Adult novel (ages 12+), while the latter probably falls into the Early Reader (ages 5-8) category. Now all I need is the nerve to start taking the next steps.

To Do List

1. Sort out a writing schedule I can stick to. This will have to mean cutting back on the other things I do in my free time.

2. Have another look at my writing outline and break it down into chapters.

3. Go over the first chapter again and find ways to expand it and probably split it in two. I need to work on attention to detail and character development, especially for secondary characters. Doing this from a first person point of view may be difficult, especially since so much time has passed for Cassie between the beginning of her story and when she finally comes to write it down.

4. Promote the story on LiveJournal and get some quality feedback. I want to try to reach as many readers as possible, but I also want people who will tell me when I am doing something wrong and how I could do it better.

5. Learn what I need to do if I want to get published, and bloody do it!


I thought maybe if I started a LiveJournal and spent some time talking up my story, it would motivate me to get a move on it. It's about time I did. I've been thinking of this story in one form or another for over ten years. I even have an outline for the first half. This shouldn't be that hard, right? Right.

I think I let myself get overwhelmed and intimidated by the writing. I mean, I know I could write something passable that would make a few people online would say, "that was pretty good!" I guess I'm scared that I will write this thing that's been floating around in my head for so long -- that has sort of become my "baby" -- and no one will want to publish it.

What it comes down to is that I need to *make* myself write. Somewhere in between my full-time job, by boyfriend, my other hobbies and my occasional social life.

But not tonight. It is late and I ought to be sleeping.

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